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Tinglayan LGU keeps P30M infirmary budget from getting realigned

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Local officials of the municipality of Tinglayan headed by Mayor Sacrament Gumilab attended a session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to voice their objection on the proposed realignment of the P30 million fund allocated for the construction of an infirmary building in the municipality to another purpose.

The officialdom of Tinglayan joined the Sangguniang Panlalawigan session this Tuesday, December 6, to discuss with the body their stand on the request of the provincial governor to the provincial legislative body realigning said fund for the rehabilitation of 2 hospitals located in Tabuk City and Rizal.

These are the Juan M. Duyan Memorial District Hospital in Rizal, Kalinga and Kalinga Gabriela Mija Kim Medical Center in Agbannawag, Tabuk City.

With them joining the session, Tinglayan officials asked the body to retain the budget for the edifice and committed to complying with the requirements needed to start with the project.

Tinglayan needs an infirmary for the immediate medical response of residents in the area as many sick, ill, or those who encounter accidents are still ferried to Lubuagan.

Kalinga SP positively responded to Tinglayan’s request

The August body heeded the request of Tinglayan not to realign their fund but told the local government unit to expedite the process of completing the required documents for the construction of the infirmary.

The body likewise penned a resolution in support of the LGU for the issuance of needed requirements from DOH.

Explanation of the request for realignment

Governor James Edduba explained that his request for the realignment was decided as no permit for the construction of the infirmary in Tinglayan is issued yet by the Department of Health. He added that the hospital in Rizal incurred damages from the occurrence of several earthquakes this year, and it might be best to repair and complete the necessities of the hospital.

“Sayang met nga nakatambay, we will use it to construct another, ta kompletowen kuma diay [ospital] idiay Rizal ta talaga nga makita yu diay Rizal gamin ket dilapidated…,” the governor reasoned out.

Further, Edduba said there is a problem in hiring medical personnel for the infirmary in Tinglayan since the provincial government lack funds to provide the wages of the health personnel.

For an infirmary to operate, the governor said at least 3 doctors, 5 nurses, medical technologists, and midwives are needed.

For this issue, Gumilab said they will consider the possibility of funding the wages of medical personnel through their municipal budget.


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