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Van with 13 passengers falls into 20-meter ravine in Tabuk City

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A van heading towards Barangay Bulanao from the direction of Tuguegarao fell into a 20-meter-deep ravine at the Cagayan-Kalinga National Road in Sitio Ileb, Nambaran around 10:00 PM on February 28, 2022.

A report from the Tabuk City Police Station revealed that the Toyota van was carrying 13 individuals when the incident happened.

The driver was identified as Jonas Negradas, 38, resident of Mankayan, Benguet.

The passengers were found to be Meril Negradas, 35, resident of Mankayan, Benguet; Cambri Negradas, 5, resident of Mankayan; Flora Negradas, 68, from Mankayan; Julie Ann Banggawan, 35, resident of Pinukpuk; Rian Banggawan, 12, resident of Pinukpuk; Alia Banggawan, 3, resident of Pinukpuk; Aji Banggawan, 7, resident of Pinukpuk; Mary Basingan, resident of Mankayan; Kevin Dupali, 19, resident of Pasil; Jerry Bakidan, 47, resident of Pasil; Godfrey Mudom, 43, resident of Mankayan; and Jeddie Diwag, 27, resident of Pasil.

Initial investigation of the police disclosed that the van was moving fast based on the skid marks found on the road. The skid marks were said to be around 70 meters from when the driver pressed the brake pedal down to the edge of the pavement, where the vehicle fell.

According to one of the 13 passengers, who was unharmed, the van was too fast. At the place of the incident, he felt the vehicle leaped, then he heard a crashing sound before they went straight down into the ravine.

Personnel from the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire and Protection, City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, Tanudan LGU, and civilian volunteers responded to the incident and rushed all the victims to the Kalinga Provincial Hospital.

The rescue of the victims lasted for more than an hour.


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