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“We are making history, so we need to give our best”- Mayor Gumilab on Bodong Fest activities

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As Kalinga’s grandest festivities draw near, intensive preparations are now being carried out by Tabuk City and the 7 municipalities of the province for contested activities during the Bodong Festival.

The event’s kick-off is slated for February 6 at Capitol Park, Bulanao, Tabuk City while its most anticipated event - “The Call of a Thousand Gongs and The Dance of a Thousand Pots” is scheduled this February 14.

Said event is also aiming for a world record that calls for cooperation between local government units and its constituents for Kalinga to hold the record.

In Tinglayan, Mayor Sacrament Gumilab calls for the cooperation of his constituents in the activity, saying the contested event is a chance for Tinglayanos to make history and be part of a historical undertaking.

“The contested event is an opportunity for us to make history, we are actually making history because it would be written in the book records and we want to be part of this history for our municipality to be imprinted in the historical accounts of Kalinga, that’s why we need give our best,” he stated.

The local chief executive added their involvement would also manifest their cooperation and unity with their Kalinga brothers and sisters residing in other towns.

For the ‘Digdiga di Tupayya’ event, Gumilab said they aimed of winning the top spot as Tinglayanos is known in the province as the best in the playing of gongs.

“...this is an opportunity for us to show that we deserve and that we are really up to the [title] nga naibansag kadatayu, so we should bring out our best, show that we have much more,” Gumilab told Tinglayanos in an interview.

“Good luck with this endeavor. May our Almighty God be in our side as we take part in this event,” the mayor concluded.


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