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‘Community participation against insurgency plays crucial role’ – Lubuagan Police

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Lubuagan, Kalinga – Lubuagan police reminds the community on the importance of their participation in government programs and initiatives towards ending insurgency, saying that the role of the ‘umili’ is to actively participate in these programs in pushing for development and progress lifting them from poverty.

This message was underscored during the End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC) Serbisyo Caravan in Barangay Western Uma this June 21.

Police Lieutenant Constancio Rosito, Officer in Charge of Lubuagan police explained that the Community Support Program (CSP) being implemented by the uniformed men include projects and activities geared towards sustainable peace and development.

“Os-osaan laeng chin kasapulan na - diay ni participation yu,” he emphasized.

[Maymaysa lang ti kasapulan na, diay participation yu, diay active a participation ti umili]

Insurgency impedes development

Rosito said that peace and order is a pre-requisite to progress and that the ongoing recruitment of the CPP-NPA threatens peace and order.

He recalled that the force of the communist terrorist groups in Western Uma was at its strongest in 1979. Back then, the atrocities were not prevalent for the left-leaning groups also wanted to have a good image in the community.

While the army and the police do their part, he said that the fight against insurgency is everyone’s concern.

“Awid man ja komontra its beacause of kumpun siguro naawatan un unay, pero umactive kayo kuma ya manjongor ya man imus nu apay un amasji, not to the extent nga umawis kayo pay lang chi kadwa yu nga komontra, that is different, savali on chi,” he said.

[Adda man ti kumontra [iti programa] ket siguro gapu ta saan da nga naawatan unay. Pero umactive kayo kuma ken ag-dingeg, agdamag nu apay a kasdiay. Not to the extent nga umawis kayo pay laeng ti kadwa yo nga kumontra. Sabali diayen.]

Rosito concluded his message saying that Executive Order 70 is having a giant step in supporting CPP-NPA influenced areas through the Community Support Programs and the Retooled Community Support Program to let them feel and understand the program of the government.

He said, "The RCSP are the programs of the LGUs that will sustain the development in the influenced barangay. This is to uplift their living as not to be convinced again with the CPP ideologies they were once deceived by."