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17-yr.-old rider fell into 10-meter ravine in Tabuk City

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The latest road accident casualty in Tabuk City is a 17-year-old rider who fell into a ravine on Friday, May 24, in Barangay Malalao.


The deceased who was a resident of Lacnog West was driving a motorcycle with his 18-year-old back rider when the road accident occurred around 5:30 a.m.

According to their friends who were interviewed by the Tabuk City police, they all came from the 100-step in Malalao and when it was time to hit the road back home, their friends were following behind them.


However, as they arrived at the descending curve portion of the road in Malalao, these friends were surprised to see the motorcycle being driven by the 17-year-old on the opposite lane of the highway while he and his 18-year-old back rider were nowhere to be found.


This prompted them to check the area, and that was when they found the two around 10 meters down the road.


Police investigation stated that one of the victims’ friends went down and carried the 18-year-old back rider out of the ravine and rushed him to the Mija Kim Hospital in Agbannawag. Right then, he also asked help to rescue the 17-year-old victim at the place of incident.


Unfortunately, the 17-year-old was declared dead on arrival at the hospital due to traumatic brain injury.

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