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Woman in Baguio beaten by live-in partner after arguments over settling bills

Baguio City, Philippines – Arguments between couples is part of a love story, but when it gets out of hand, it could lead to violence, like the case of a young couple in Baguio City.


A 24-year-old common law wife in Aurora Hill is now reportedly seeking legal action against her 26-year-old live-in partner.


According to a local media, a fight ensued between the two one day when they got home from work after the woman asked her partner for money to settle their bills.

The man, however, allegedly got irked and threw hurtful words to the victim.


The fight got out of control when the 24-year-old slapped the 26-year-old in anger, and the latter retaliated by strangling her.


It did not end there as the man punched the victim’s face and head, and went on beating her. It was further described that he also spat on her.  


The incident led the woman to seek assistance from the police, and now her common law husband is expected to face charges for Violence Against Women and their Children. 

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