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Laborer in Benguet died after a vintage bomb he tried to open explodes

Benguet, Philippines – A sexagenarian in Sablan, Benguet, lost his life on Tuesday after attempting to cut open a vintage bomb using a grinder.


The 67-year-old laborer, whose name was withheld, found two World War II-era bombs.


He used a grinder to cut the base part of one of the vintage bombs. He did the same to the upper portion of the explosive, but the heat from the grinder might have triggered the explosion of the device, according to Police Master Sergeant Randy Angday of the Regional Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Canine Unit – Cordillera.


As a result, the elderly sustained injuries, particularly to his right leg, stomach, and face.

Responding personnel from Sablan Municipal Police Station, Bureau of Fire Protection, 911 on call, and volunteers rushed him to the hospital. However, he did not survive the severity of his injuries.


Angday relayed that this is not the first incident where individuals were hurt due to attempts to open bombs.


He recalled a previous incident where a father and son took home a vintage bomb. They likewise used a grinder to open it, but the bomb exploded, leaving them injured.


The authorities reiterated that the public should immediately report to them if they happen to find any explosives for proper action.


“Ikkaten tayo ti notion nga adda ti treasure nga karga na,” Angday warned.