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14 yTanudan beauties compete for 2022 Laggunawa Crown

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Tanudan, Kalinga — Fourteen young beauties representing the barangays in Tanudan will be competing for the 6th Miss Laggunawa crown on the evening of June 24, 2022 at the Open Gym of Mabaca Elementary School as part of the Tanudan Day celebration on June 23-25.

During the pre-pageant done on Friday, June 17, the candidates matched each other’s native attire, showed their skills in the talent portion, and demonstrated their wits in the pre-pageant Q and A.

According to Dr. Sandra Valledor, the Chairman of the Pageant Committee, the native attire and the Q and A will be included in the scoring system to determine the Top 5 in which one shall be crowned on June 24. The talent portion, she said, will be for a special award.

During the coronation night

The pageant night on June 24 starts at 7:00 PM covering the production number, creative attire, swimwear, and evening gown. The top five shall be selected then.

After the top five candidates are announced, Valledor said scores will be reset to zero, and the remaining five beuties will push through with the final Q and A segment to determine who brings home the Miss Laggunawa crown.

Valledor conveyed that the coronation night is open to the public. However, she reminded the people planning to watch to adhere to the minimum public health standards.

A Laga Show will also be held during the coronation night.

Name of Candidates

The Official candidates are:

· Guia Pearl Tallongon Inggao, Barangay Dacalan

· Arianne Cagaid Lammao, Lower Taloctoc

· Rhicel Joy Guyao Rosario, Dupligan

· Stephanie Allyson Sabali Bulwayan, Anggacan

· Shahin Mayaoyao Baliwag, Mabaca

· Genesis Daladag Cadingan, Pangol

· Earene Joy Ali Dawagan, Babbanoy

· Celisty Amaclas Lingbawan, Upper Lubo

· Ashley-Ann Wandagan Sumoldong, Poblacion

· Janine May Malawis Warding, Lower Lubo

· Elvira Dasayon Almeda, Gaang

· Mirasol Simangon Canabang, Upper Taloctoc

· Gracielle Amangao Songday, Mangali Centro

· Jay Ann Dumawat Solig, Lay-asan


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