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18-day campaign to end violence against women begins in Kalinga

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The 18-day campaign to end violence against women commenced in the province, with the public wearing orange to signify support to the program this November 25 at the Kalinga Astrodome.

The kickoff activity opens with the Safe Spaces Pledge, where the participants committed to helping the government and organizations in their programs and projects to promote a safe place for women and children.

Additionally, the pledge also enjoins the people to ensure that their own home and their community promote respect and should not give room for sexual harassment.

In an interview with Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Rosemaritez Oyawon, she conveyed that violence against women is against the culture in Kalinga and that though there are a few number of rape cases in the province, it is still considered alarming.

“Based on our culture, it is alarming na. Though it is not that big compared to other places pero sa atin, in our culture, talagang alarming. Kahit na for example, nine or six lang yung victims, alarming na kasi hindi tanggap sa culture natin yon, ‘yung karahasan sa mga babae,” she said, adding that what is only acceptable is zero case.

Meantime, within the 18-day duration of the campaign to end violence against women, there is going to be an infomercial contest for offices. Moreover, the different offices in the province will also be coloring or decorating their workplaces with orange.

“Violence against women is against our culture, against our law in the entire Philippines and entire world. So, we have to support this campaign para maging safe space lahat ng areas within our community para maging safe naman ‘yung mga bata at mga babae,” Oyawon conveyed.

According to the 2017 National Demographic Health Survey released by the Philippine Statistics Authority, 1 in 4 Filipino women ages 15-49 experienced physical, emotional, or sexual violence from their husband or partner.

Moreover, from March 2020 to August 2021, the PNP Women and Children Protection Center has recorded a total of 18,945 violence against women cases in the country.

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