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2 high ranking NPA cadres in Kalinga surrendered

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Two high-ranking personalities of the Komiteng Larangang Guerilla-Baggas, Ilocos-Cordillera Regional Committee have surrendered to the authorities in Tabuk on September 3 and 4.

According to the 5th Infantry Division, alias Brix and Maxine surrendered to the 50th Infantry Battalion in Tabuk City on said dates.

The two high-ranking personalities told the operatives that they have decided to return to the government after their group has been demoralized due to the successive debacle of the Communist Terrorist Group.

Meanwhile, rifles and bandoliers have been turned over to the 98th and 95th Infantry Battalion by 2 members of Militia ng Bayan as well as the locals in Isabela.

Major General Laurence Mina, Commander of 5th ID, in a statement recognized the troops’ efforts and aggressive focused military operations in Cordillera and Cagayan Valley. He also acknowledged and thanked the support and cooperation of the community to end insurgency, saying that their support is a vital factor in the success of the program.

“The different government agencies exert efforts to bring the services and projects to the people, especially those who were previously influenced by the CNTs. We are certainly closer to our goal of having an insurgency-free country,” he added.

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