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27-year-old new CPA from Baguio tops August 2022 Civil Service Exam

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Passing a board exam and topping the Civil Service Examination in a year is beyond someone’s wildest dream. But a 27-year-old lady from Baguio City turned this exact aspiration into reality.

On October 26 this year, Midge G. Bangsoy was elated to have found out that she passed the October 2022 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination.

Her joy didn’t end there. More than a week later, on November 7, she was surprised by the news that she was Top 8 in the August 2022 CSE – Professional level with a rating of 89.32%.

In an interview with Guru Press Cordillera, Midge described this achievement as ‘surreal moment’ as she was only seeking to pass either her board or the CS exam. Blessed as she is, she passed both and even topped the other.

“Since the CPA license has been elusive to me, I figured I can take it [August 2022 Civil Service exam] while waiting for the CPALE just in case the licensure exam result is not favorable for me this year. I was hoping to pass at least one of the examinations,” she admitted.

Taking two national exams in a year

Midge graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Management Accountancy in 2016 and earned a degree in BS in Accountancy in 2018.

This year, she applied for the October CPA Licensure Examination but feeling the possibility of not passing the exam given that it is one of the hardest tests to pass in the country, she decided to file for the CSE in August.

Midge admitted it was hard to have divided attention, and that she opted to prioritize her review for the CPA exam, since passing it would exempt her from taking the CSE.

As the CSE approaches, it was then she alternated between reading her notes and review materials for the CPA exam and Civil Service.

“I really did my best squeezing in my review for the CSE for 7 nights before the scheduled date of the exam. Every time I felt like I was in the weeds in my CPALE review, I also tried alternating my review for the CSE and CPALE just to ease the feeling of like throwing up,” she recalled.

On topping the Civil Service

Midge conveyed she doubted she could make it to the list of passers for the August 2022 CS exam.

“I was even in doubt if I would make it because I was a bit rusty with my math and verbal. I scrambled to finish the exam on time,” she said.

However, she may have underestimated her ability because months later, she ranked 8th among 117, 938 Career Service Professional examinees.

Midge dedicates this success in her life to her family, especially her twin sister Marissa who has been her inspiration.

Advice to future examinees

Midge noted that there is no other secret to passing and topping any examination but to prepare for it.

For those who will be taking their licensure and the civil service examination, she advised them to prepare and review well before the exam.

“It is in the preparation that we set ourselves up for success. It is a bit of a cliché but there is no special ritual or any secret way but to really prepare and review well for the exam. Proper mindset is also key and, of course, prayers as well,” she expressed.


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