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4 men arrested for stabbing market vendor in Isabela

Cauayan City, Isabela - Four individuals in Isabela were put behind bars after they stabbed a 30-year-old man over the weekend.


The suspects, hidden by the names Jerry, Jules, Vic, and Chris, were residents of Cauayan City, Isabela. 


Reports from Cauayan City Police Station obtained by local media disclosed that the suspects stabbed the victim on Sunday, May 12, 2024, in Barangay San Fermin.

The victim was identified as alias "Fred," a market vendor, and also a resident in said area.


Accordingly, the suspects allegedly pushed Fred’s parked motorcycle while he was having a drinking session with his friends that day.


This led to an altercation between them until they stabbed Fred multiple times using a knife.


Upon notification, authorities immediately proceeded to the area, resulting in the arrests of the suspects.


Fred, meanwhile, was rushed to a hospital in the city. Fortunately, he survived the incident and is now in stable condition.


A frustrated murder case will be filed against the four accused.


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