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Kalinga burned P.2B illegal weeds since January this year

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The burning goes on as the Kalinga Police intensified their campaign against illegal weeds, destroying a total of P211, 548,000 worth of marijuana from January to May this 2021.

Based on the data of the Kalinga Provincial Police Office, as of May 20, the said amount was an estimation from the burned eradicated marijuana plants from the 19 marijuana eradication conducted in the province, mostly in the municipality of Tinglayan.

While the burning did create an impact, the operations did not result in any arrest of cultivators.

Police Colonel Davy Vicente Limmong, Kalinga Police Provincial Director relayed that it is challenging to catch the cultivators because before the government troops reach the plantation sites in the mountains, the cultivators can spot them and manage to evade arrest.

“Unless makitam, narigat met iti kasdiay. Before a dumanun ka, na-sense da ka so by all means tumaray. Diay sumangsang-at ka pay lang or dumanun ka, marikna da adda iti sabali a tao nga umay,” he said.

Nevertheless, last year, there was one case they filed, but was put on hold because nobody wants to testify in identifying the owner of the house with cultivated marijuana in its surrounding.

Kalinga Police vow to keep destroying marijuana plantations

Meanwhile, the Kalinga police director said that they will continue eradicating these plantation sites to discourage people to engage in such illegal business.

“As much as possible haan mi kayat nga adda makalusot, we try to stop the source and the delivery. So intensify mi diay checkpoint latta,” he said.



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