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Aguinaldo strengthens couples’ bond on “HEMPFAHLAE and Hempfalay” day

Aguinaldo, Ifugao – “It was a day filled with love, faith, and unity in Aguinaldo.” This is how the Municipal Tourism Office described how the "HEMPFAHLAE Program and Hempfalay Day Celebration" unfolded.

HEMPAFAHLAE stands for Household Empowerment through Moral Development, Parenting, Family Advancement, Healthy Living and Awareness of the Environment, while “hempfalay” is a local term for “husband and wife.”

Recognizing the role of families in social development being the basic unit of society, the municipal government of Aguinaldo staged the said celebration on Sept. 28, 2023.

HEMPFAHLAE Program and Hempfalay Day have been conducted annually and the local tourism office is delighted to share that more couples are now participating in the event aimed at strengthening the bond between the couples in town as their relationship directly affect their children and the community as well.

Following the parade, participating couples settled at the municipal gymnasium to listen and reflect on the inspirational messages delivered by the officials, and to add excitement to the celebration, contested activities were likewise held.

Couples showcased their talents in the musical duos dubbed as “double duet” which was dominated by Mayline and Mariano Jr. Lamag; and Fely and Ricson Bimmang.

In the “Fixing the broken heart” contest, Mr. & Mrs. Padiangan of Barangay Buwag emerged victorious, while Mr. & Mrs. Tabayag of Bunhian and Mr. & Mrs. Hecyawan of Taang settled as second and third placers, respectively. Participants in this activity showed their creativity and mended broken hearts, symbolizing the power of healing and reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Mr. & Mrs. Astrero of Talite claimed the top spot in the “Sewing the buttons” competition where the couples’ attention to detail and craftsmanship were tested. Mr. & Mrs. Baltong and Mr. & Mrs. Biogan, both of Taang, garnered the second and third spot, respectively.

Taang village garnered the highest prize in the “Couples’ parade” tilt followed by barangays Talite and Jacmal. Other participants were given consolation prizes in recognition of their efforts and dedication.

It is hoped that most, if not all, couples will join in next year’s celebration.



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