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‘Application for Grade 12 educational assistance program continue till Jan. 23’-Gov. Edduba

Tabuk City, Kalinga - The Office of Provincial Governor James Edduba announced the continuation of the application process for Grade 12 educational assistance on Saturday, Jan. 20.


Applications will be accepted at the Kalinga Sports Center from 8 AM to 3 PM.


The initiative is part of the ongoing LUMIN-AWA Educational Assistance Program. The Provincial Youth and Development Office has been instrumental in rolling out the program which aims to provide financial assistance to Grade 12 students, helping alleviate the educational expenses borne by parents and guardians.


Since January 18, the application process has been in full swing at the Kalinga Sports Center.


Application Requirements and Procedures


Parents of Grade 12 students in Tabuk City are urged to take note of the necessary documents required for the application process. These include the Certificate of Enrollment, Certificate of Residency of the parent, Photocopy of the School ID of the student, and Photocopy of the Valid ID of the parent.


The application process follows a first-come, first-served basis with the office aiming to assist 300 applicants daily. To secure a spot, parents are advised to arrive early at said venue.


The opportunity is exclusively available to students who have not received any form of educational aid from government programs within the current school year. The Office of Governor Edduba emphasizes that only parents of the said students should personally submit the required documents.


For Residents in Other Municipalities


Residents in other municipalities will have their Municipal Social Welfare and Development personnel handle scheduling and conduct interviews for Grade 12 students. The decentralization of the application process ensures accessibility for students across the province.


Separate schedules for college students and Grade 11 students will be posted on the Facebook page of the Office of the Provincial Governor.


Deadline of Application


The application for Grade 12 students in Tabuk will be until Tuesday, January 23.