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Are you ready for Baguio City’s Ibagiw festival?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Baguio City, Philippines – Baguio City government will be closing the Session Road this November until December to help local artists showcase and market their local crafts and artworks during the celebration of the Ibagiw festival.

A transition period will be provided this month of November and December for the closure of Session Road.

City Budget Officer Leticia Clemente, through Baguio City Public Information Office, said four Sundays of November will be used for the local artists to sell their crafts and artworks, while the 4 Sundays of December will be for the vendors of Christmas decors to display their products.

The regular conduct of busking, chalk art, and other performance activities are allowed along Session Road during the said days.

The city budget officer explained that the activities are part of the annual Ibagiw festival to help maintain the status of the city as a Creative City for crafts and folk arts by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Creative Cities Network.

Clemente disclosed that by next year, they will be implementing a new set of guidelines regarding the closure of Session Road for selling and displaying products to increase the income of those selling their products and working through a scheduled display.

As recalled, Baguio City was named as the first Philippine city to be declared a Creative City for Crafts and Folk Arts by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network because of the unique creativity being showcased in the city during festivals.


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