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Gymnasium to serve as alternative isolation unit in Tanudan for completion

Updated: May 17, 2021

Tanudan, Kalinga - A second gymnasium which is also designed as an alternative health isolation facility is now being completed in Sitio Banagao, Barangay Poblacion of this town.

Mayor Jaedicke Dagadag said the dual purpose concept of said structure was planned to maximize the fund since the local government has to spend more for the hauling and transshipment of construction materials.

“4.7 million from Bayanihan grant ti title na dayta ket isolation unit, ngem nu malpas ti CoViD crisis ket mai-convert tu a gym tapos ada counterpart ti lgu nga 1.7million tatta a tawen tapno malpas inggana bubung na. Dakkel ti pondo na gapu ti hauling kada transhipment ta pagpagna ti mapan dita a lugar,” he explained.

The construction of said 20x35 meters standard gymnasium has PhP6.4 million budget, of which PhP4.7 million came from the Bayanihan Grant while PhP1.7 million was allotted as counterpart of the local government.

Dagadag said the gymnasium would be advantageous for the youth in said far flung area for their physical activities. However, during this pandemic, it will be utilized as an alternative isolation unit if needed.

“Daytoy a gym ket maysa met lang kadagiti disaster preparedness projects tayo for calamity, ket agyamanak kadagiti kakadwa tayo ti LGU iti umno a pannaka-usar na daytoy a pundo,” he underscored.

Designed by the LGUs Engineering Office, said structure is expected to be completed before the year ends.

The town’s first gymnasium completed last year is situated at Barangay Seet with PhP3 million funding.

Another PhP700,000 fund will be implemented from the supplemental budget for its concreting and procurement of basketball ring and other equipment this year.


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