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Baguio City’s “Cinderella” claims lost sandal

Baguio City, Philippines – “Cinderella” who lost shoe in Baguio doesn’t need a prince after all.

The owner of the size 38, brand-new left wedge sandal that was left on the premises of the Public Order and Safety Division – Baguio on January 23 finally escaped from the attic to claim her lost sandal.

To recall, POSD – Baguio launched a Cinderella-like search for the shoe owner. A netizen then shared the post, urging the personnel to do a house-to-house search for she was locked by “evil” stepmother and stepsisters at the attic.

POSD asked “any Prince Charming out there who wants to do a house-to-house search to save Cinderella.”

On Monday, the order and safety division announced the search is over as Cinderella “has come to claim her sandal.”

Clueless Cindy

The owner didn’t realize one of her newly bought footwear went missing until Monday when she was supposed to wear them.

“She then went out to try and trace back her steps on that fateful day in the hopes that somebody had picked it up and safely kept it for her,” the POSD relayed.

“As she was asking around the shops at Maharlika Livelihood Complex for the missing sandal, somebody who was aware of our post approached her and told her that she might be the owner of the "Cinderella" sandal that went viral and subsequently advised her to proceed to our office,” added the division.

The identity of Cinderella, however, remains a mystery. She will be back for the final reveal.

“One thing we can reveal for now is that she is a strong and bubbly woman with a beautiful personality, just like Cinderella,” shared POSD-Baguio.

Meanwhile, a commenter claimed the one who claimed the item is “only an impostor, not the real Cinderella.”

“That woman is the stepmother, who is a witch. Don’t believe her. The real Cinderella is still in the attic,” a social media user argued.

Netizens are also wondering if the POSD employee who found the shoe and “Cinderella” are both single “for a beautiful ending.”


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