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Woman found dead in river identified as School Principal in Isabela

Isabela, Philippines – As news unfolds about the tragic fate of Helen Rollan, a revered 53-year-old school principal from Santo Tomas, Isabela, fond memories now echo through the hearts of family, relatives, and acquaintances who can only reminisce about the impact she made in their lives.


Around 4 p.m. on Saturday, January 27, Rollan bid farewell to her family before heading out to withdraw money using her blue Toyota Vios, with license plate WHI 447.


By 7 p.m., the family lost contact with her, prompting relatives to report her disappearance to the local police the following day.

Rollan’s car was discovered by her relatives along Cansan Bridge, Cansan, Santo Tomas in the same province. Around noon on Sunday, authorities confirmed the discovery of her lifeless body, found floating along a river in Enrile, Cagayan.


In an interview with PMAJ Rufo Figarola Jr., chief of Santo Tomas Police, on 104.9 XFM Santiago, they have not ruled out or confirmed the possibility of a 'suicide' incident involving the victim.


Although it was revealed that the victim had previously attempted suicide by ingesting a harmful substance, prompt intervention averted the tragedy.


Figarola emphasized that, at present, there are no discernible signs of foul play in Rollan's untimely demise.


Rollan's remains have been repatriated to her residence in Barangay Barumbong, Santo Tomas, while authorities persist in their quest for the truth behind the incident.

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