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DA-Region 2 allots P5-7M for cloud seeding to battle El Niño water crisis

Cagayan, Philippines - As the grip of El Niño intensifies, plunging Region 2 into a severe water shortage, the Department of Agriculture is responding to the crisis through a comprehensive study.


Dr. Roberto Busania, the Regional Technical Director for Operations and Extension of DA - Region 2, revealed crucial details in an interview with the Cagayan Public Information Office, unveiling that the agency has allocated a budget of P5-7 million for a cloud seeding operation scheduled for next month.


The primary objective of this initiative, said Busania, is to address the irrigation needs of expansive corn and rice fields known as the foundational crops that sustain the livelihoods of the region's agricultural communities. The allocated budget underscores a significant financial commitment by the agency to confront the pressing challenges posed by El Niño.


Emphasizing the scientific precision behind the initiative,  Busania underscored the pivotal role of cloud experts. These experts will conduct meticulous evaluations of atmospheric conditions to identify optimal locations for cloud seeding.


 This collaborative effort extends to continuous coordination with key stakeholders such as the National Irrigation Administration (NIA), Municipal Agriculturists, and the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration (PAGASA).


The goal is to provide farmers with real-time guidance on weather conditions and effectively mitigate the profound impacts of the El Niño phenomenon.


 Busania expressed optimism regarding the prospective implementation of "zoning" by Local Government Units (LGUs) in the region. The zoning strategy strategically identifies crops suitable for specific areas, fostering a targeted and localized agricultural output.


This approach aims to optimize productivity while concurrently minimizing risks associated with adverse weather conditions.