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Man confesses to killing wife’s lover in Abra

Updated: May 29, 2023

Bangued, Abra – A jealous man in Abra province is in police custody after confessing to killing his wife’s alleged lover past 11 p.m. on Wednesday, May 24, at Harrison St., Zone 7, Bangued.

The suspect’s wife identified as Jackielou Cabañero said she left her husband over a month ago due to physical abuse. They were married for around 10 years.

On the day of the incident, Jackilou had a drinking spree with the victim - Dennis Barcena, 41. After their session, Dennis accompanied the former to her boarding house at said area to ensure she arrives safe. To their surprise, they saw Jackilou’s estranged husband, Efren Cabañero lurking at their back.

“Di nakitak isuna, inarakop ko pay lang ni Dennis ngem isuna nakilinnaban, agikkisak. Tatta, awan met ti tumulong sunga idi nagbagku-bagkung siguron… natuwang isunan, inarakop ko pay laeng tapos ni Dennis nagtaray,” narrated the wife through Abra TV.

It was when Jackilou entered her room and switched the lights on that she saw her clothes stained with lots of blood, prompting her to call her friends for help.

Meanwhile, Dennis’ brother – Michael was informed of the incident. Upon arriving at the scene, the victim was still breathing and they got a chance to converse briefly. With the help of the neighbors, Dennis was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

The autopsy revealed the victim’s kidney and other parts of his body were stabbed, causing his death.

According to his wife, Charilyn, Dennis asked permission on said day to attend a wake. She believes what her husband told her that he and Jackilou were just friends.

Jackilou likewise belied the allegation that she was in a relationship with the victim.

With the manhunt operation launched, the suspect was arrested on Thursday. The weapon used in the killing was not recovered but the suspect confessed.

“Gagangay na ta asawak… Uray sino man nga adda asawa na, kasdiay ladta met rikna na nu makapungtuten,” said the suspect who will face murder charges.


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