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Kalinga Gov. Edduba urges provincial government regular employees to undergo annual health check

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Governor James Edduba has encouraged all permanent Kalinga Provincial Government employees to undergo and take advantage of the free general check-up offered to them by the PLGU.

Edduba, in an interview with Station 1 Radio, emphasized the significance of the provision, highlighting its role in ensuring the well-being of the government workforce.

“This is important of course because a healthy employee is a productive employee, siyempre nu very healthy ka nga tao ket productive ka,” Governor Edduba stressed.

An amount of 2 million pesos for the annual health check-ups of the eligible employees is allocated sourced from the Provincial Government fund. The free general check-up will be availed at the Kalinga Provincial Hospital.

He said the program aims to cover general check-ups, with provisions for necessary referrals for specialized medical attention if required.

He expressed his hopes for this initiative to extend to job orders, likewise seeking ways to potentially broaden its coverage beyond the provincial capitol, particularly teachers, through collaborations and possible policy amendments.

“I am actually encouraged ta I am looking at how it could also help (other employees beyond the capitol) and how it could be done. Ta kunkunak garud, adda met daytoy na-solicit tayu (and) if it could include even, for example, dagitoy dadduma nga empleyado ti gobyerno, if they could be helped with the payment through the MAIP nu mabalin a, but we are still verifying nu okay ba, nu mabalin ba daytoy as a policy kuma,” he explained.

“So that for example in particular met laeng, dagitoy teachers kuma nga kakaasi piman nga diba adda iti yearly nga required nga check-up da, they could do it in the KPH ta isupay kuma nga libre. But we are still verifying it ta adda nasolicit ko ken (House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez) for the MAIP, nu mabalin kuma, we are just verifying it from Region nu mabalin,” he relayed.

Governor Edduba reiterated the importance of preventive healthcare and its role in fostering a more productive and healthy workforce is continuously being highlighted.



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