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KPH limits admission of non-COVID patients to those within Kalinga only

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As most of the health care workers of the Kalinga Provincial Hospital have tested positive for Covid-19, the chief of the hospital, Marilyn T. Duyan, announced that admission will be limited starting Monday, January 17, until further notice.

“We are limiting our admission in all (non-COVID) departments. We will be catering to patients within Kalinga province temporarily, no outside province referrals/admissions,” Duyan said in an advisory.

In addition, the chief of the hospital said that all admitted patients and those who are accompanying them will still undergo Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).

Meanwhile, as only one surgeon and Obstetrics and gynecology (OB-Gyne) is currently available, the hospital shall only provide services for extreme imminent surgeries while less emergent surgeries will be referred to other institutions if feasible.

Likewise, no elective surgeries will be scheduled until further notice.

As for COVID positive emergency surgical cases, Duyan said that they shall be referred to higher centers but in circumstances wherein referral is not possible, surgical intervention will be done at the hospital provided that the operating room will be disinfected 24-48 hours after surgery as per Infection prevention and control (IPC) protocol.

For the Out-Patient department (OPD), patients coming in for check-ups with respiratory symptoms or a high index of suspicion for COVID will be requested to undergo RAT prior to the consultation. OPD hours, Duyan added, will be shortened from 9 AM to 12 PM.

The KPH head has also informed that at present, the COVID isolation ward is still at full capacity, and with this, she said that referrals from other institutions, decking, and prioritization of patients will be implemented.

With the current situation at present, Duyan also reminds the public to strictly follow minimum public health standard protocols such as wearing of face mask, face shield, social distancing, and regular hand washing.

“Please get vaccinated, always keep safe and if possible, stay at home,” she added.

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