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Mangaoang’s Kalinga Cultural Center and Museum bill signed into law

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A cultural center and museum is soon to be erected in Kalinga as President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the bill on Tuesday, May 24 filed by Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang.

President Duterte signed Republic Act No. 11770 or An Act Establishing the Kalinga Cultural Center and Museum in the province alongside other bills with the aim of establishing the same government buildings in Misamis Oriental and Biliran.

The museum and cultural center, as cited by Mangaoang in his explanatory note, shall serve as an institutional medium for the collection, preservation, and enhancement of the cultural, artistic, archaeological, social, and religious heritage of the people of Kalinga.

With the bill becoming a law, an amount of P50 million is now expected to be disbursed to the provincial government for the construction of the main building of the center.

Likewise, with the assistance of the National Commission on the Culture and Arts (NCCA), Kalinga PLGU shall likewise provide a supplementary budget for capital outlays and other financial and technical support to the heritage museum and cultural center.

As noted in the law, the ‘establishment of cultural centers and museums is in collaboration between the city/provincial government and the Nat

ional Commission for Culture and the Arts’.

In an earlier statement, Mangaoang said that Kalinga, having been acknowledged as one of the provinces with rich customs and traditions, deserves a repository of its cultural heritage.

He added that the province is already a designated tourism development area with a rich cultural history, but due to the lack of an official repository and institution, some relics are now found in antique shops in Metro Manila.

Among these Kalinga treasures include the Ming and Yan Dynasties' highly regarded Chinese jars, ornamental beads and necklaces, gold earrings, and other conventional household items.


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