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Mayor Gumilab receives praise for participating in "Awong Chi Gangsa, Agtu'n Chi Banga"

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Being the only local chief executive in the province who joined thousands of gong players in their pursuit of breaking the world record for the "largest gong ensemble" and "largest banga dance," Mayor Sacrament Gumilab of Tinglayan is the netizen's subject of praise on Facebook.

The mayor led his constituents during the historic "Awong Chi Gangsa, Agtu’n Chi Banga" held Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

In his participation, netizens swooned over his photos posted on the GURU Press Cordillera Facebook page, which garnered a total of 2,500 reactions and 94 shares as of writing. A video highlighting him with his constituents has accumulated more or less 8,700 views.

In the comment section, netizens are all praise for the mayor, saying he is a "good as well as a supportive leader."

“Such a good example of a good leader… Stay foot on the ground mayor…A very humble, generous, supportive and most intelligent young leader... Mabuhay ka mayor, sail on and spread your wings to yKalinga people. I humbly salute you for your dedication to ykalinga,” one netizen stated.

Another commenter said ‘My salute to you Mayor, good model, a true leader and a very supportive Ama iti Tinglayan indeed.”

Facebook user Marlyn Malasi was also quoted as saying, "A good leader leads his people, rain or shine. Mabuhay mayor Gumilab, matatago tago, Tongrayan umuno-unnoy!"

As recalled, at the onset of the event, rain poured, making participants shiver with cold, including Gumilab, but they endured it for the sake of the record-breaking activity.

In the concluding ceremony, their efforts paid off as Kalinga performers were proclaimed to have broken the previous record of 150, having a total of 3,440 gong players, thus seizing the “largest gong ensemble world title.”

For the “largest banga dance”, pot dancers were proclaimed as the ones who broke the record of 250, registering a total of 4,681.

Message to Tinglayanos

Meantime, in his Facebook post, the mayor extended his felicitation to his constituents for having joined Kalinga brothers and sisters from various municipalities and the city of Kalinga in the historic, ostentatious, and grandiose display of cultural identity through the event.

He likewise thanked them for heeding to his call in joining the event that manifested their solidarity with fellow yKalingas.

“Together with our fellow yKalingas, we made world history. We made a historical account in the World Guinness Book of Records; we brought our province and country in the international spotlight to which our people are forever proud of,” the mayor stated.


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