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NPA force weakens, arms cache found and recovered in Gawaan, Balbalan

Balbalan, Kalinga – The joint operations of the Balbalan police and other security forces continue to weaken the New People’s Army's presence in the locality.


Acting Chief of Police, PCPT Tyrone John Balanay, informed that the internal security operations conducted by government forces resulted in the recovery of an NPA arms cache on Tuesday, March 05.

The personnel of Balbalan MPS, 1503rd RMFB 15 led by PCPT Reynaldo Lagnason, 1st PMFC, and the 103rd Battalion of the Philippine Army, along with RIU14 and PIU, discovered the cache of firearms and war materials at around 12 noon in Sitio Uta, Barangay Gawaan in Balbalan, Kalinga.


Recovered items include two live rifle grenades, one case for rifle grenades, one M-16 short magazine, 23 empty shells of caliber 5.56, 11 live rounds of caliber 5.56, 10 live rounds of caliber 7.62, and two empty shells of .9mm caliber.


Additionally, one CPP-NPA-NDF flag, a bandolier, two coiled explosive electrical wires, one empty plastic gallon, a white market sack containing various items, and subversive documents were found.


Just last month, an arms cache believed to have belonged to the Kilusang Larangang Gerilya Baggas, Ilocos-Cordillera Regional Committee, was recovered in Sitio Dau, Balbalan Proper.


The discovery and retrieval of the arms cache significantly weaken the NPA forces, bolstering the determination of the Balbalan police and army to safeguard the community from further rebel threats.