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Omengan decides to elevate case against Tabuk City Comelec Official to Supreme Court

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Dr. Joyce Diasen-Omengan, who was vying for the mayoral seat in Tabuk City, disclosed that she will elevate the case for the non-inclusion of her name in the list of candidates in the city’s official ballot to the Supreme Court.

She revealed this on March 4, 2022.

According to Omengan, she is running to fight the ‘growing issues of corruption and abuse of power’ in the city.

Omengan is seen by many as the best contender against the embattled City Mayor Darwin Estranero whose administration is riddled with corruption issues.

In her official Facebook page, Omengan disclosed that her name was not included ‘due to the non-compliance of a Commission on Election (COMELEC) official of his duty, which ended up with the non-inclusion of her name in the final list of candidates.’

The mayoral aspirant said the case was referred to the main office of the COMELEC ‘but unfortunately, though it affirmed such a lapse in the performance of the Comelec officer of his obligation under the rules, the non-inclusion was upheld.’

“So, we are left to suffer the brunt of someone else’s malicious non-performance of his function. With the denial of the Comelec, we elevated the same to the Supreme Court. However, time is not on our side. Printing of ballots has already begun, and we fear that those for Tabuk, Kalinga will be accomplished even before the Supreme Court resolves our petition,” Omengan’s statement reads.

It can be recalled that Dr. Omengan brought her case to the COMELEC, but was overruled by the latter, hence she was constrained to bring the same to the High Tribunal.

Though saddened by the turn of events, Omengan extended her gratitude to those who showed support to her ‘supposed bid.’

“So many of you desired real change. I give you my utmost thanks and most humbly ask that you will continue to support me in the future. Our love for Tabuk City has brought us all together, so let us be steadfast in our resolve to pursue a corrupt-free Tabuk City. Again, this is Dr. JOYCE DIASEN-OMENGAN (JDO) saying THANK YOU A MILLION from my HEART,” Omengan concluded.

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