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Remains of 29-yr.-old man who jumped off bridge in Isabela recovered after 2 days

Naguilian, Isabela – After allegedly jumping off Naguilian Bridge over the weekend for unknown reasons, a 29-year-old was already a cadaver when discovered by fishermen in Naguilian, Isabela.


The victim’s lifeless body was found floating 5 kilometers away from the bridge where he jumped off.


Though fishermen stumbled upon his body during the dusk of January 21, it was not reported to authorities immediately.


The barangay captain likewise claimed that he was only notified early on January 22 about the incident.


When the body was retrieved from the waters on said day, it was positively identified by his family members as that of Ornino Jacinto Jr., 29, an account officer of a certain lending company in the province.


He was a resident of District 1, Cauayan City, Isabela.


Meanwhile, up until now, his family members are still unaware of why Ornino took his life by jumping off the Cagayan River.