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SLU alumna's coverage of OFW Trials and Victories earns 'Excellence in Global Broadcast Journalism' accolade

Years after finishing her degree at Saint Louis University, a Filipino journalist has made her profession more meaningful by being the voice of the plights and feats of the Overseas Filipino Workers.


Rachel Salinel, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from said university in 1987, has been working as a Senior Correspondent for The Filipino Channel of ABS-CBN News in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa region.


Her work goes beyond just covering events around her as she also tells the rich stories of the OFWs in the UAE and Africa, letting the world know about their trials and successes.  

With her outstanding performance and unparalleled work, Salinel was cited as the Global Filipino Special Awardee of Excellence in Global Broadcast and Journalism by The Global Filipino Icon Awards 2024.


The Global Filipino Icon Awards is being given to Filipinos in honor of their exemplary and notable contributions in their respective fields.


The awarding body conferred said award to Salinel this May 17 in a ceremony held in Dubai which was graced by the Guest of Honor, multi-awarded journalist Jessica Soho.


The ‘Excellence in Global Broadcast Journalism’ award is not the first citation to recognize Salinel’s work as she was also named by the Overseas Filipino Awards 2023 as one of the 10 OFWs of the Year in the United Arab Emirates.