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Want to be a scholar? DOST Scholarship caravan is in Kalinga

Tanudan, Kalinga – As part of its promotion activities for the Undergraduate Science and Technology Scholarship, the caravan scheduled for Kalinga has started this week with the three schools from Lubuagan and Pasil as the first stop.

The promotional activity dubbed as ‘Namnama Para Kadagiti Adda Arapaap Na’ aims to promote Science and Technology education opportunities and to further disseminate the scholarship offer in far-flung communities.

On its first day, three schools which include Pasil National High School, the Senior High School in Lubuagan, and St. Teresita's School—Lubuagan were visited.

“Throughout the journey, school administrators expressed gratitude to DOST for bringing grant-aid opportunities closer to the students,” relayed the Department of Science and Technology – Cordillera Scholars in their Facebook page.

On the second day, the caravan team oriented more than 120 Grade 11 and 12 students from Biga National High School and Magtoma Pangol National High School in Tanudan. The team likewise visited Cudal National High School to inform the Grade 12 graduating class of said school of the scholarship.

The team will also be visiting schools in Tanudan, Rizal, and Tabuk City in the coming days.

Who are qualified?

Those who are qualified of the program are Filipino graduating grade 12 students who belong to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics strand.

Also included are students who are non-STEM but belong in the upper top 5% of the graduating class.

Benefits of the scholarship

Students who will qualify for the scholarship will enjoy up to a P40,000 tuition fee grant per academic year. A P7,000 monthly living allowance will also be received by scholars.

Other privileges during the regular academic year include a P10,000 learning materials and/or connectivity allowance; P1,000 clothing allowance; 1 economy-class roundtrip fare for those studying outside of home province; premium group accident and health insurance; P10,000 thesis allowance; and P1,000 graduation allowance.

For the mid-year term, if required in the curriculum, the student will have up to P10,000 tuition grant; P2,000 learning materials and/or connectivity allowance; and P7,000 monthly living allowance for 2 months.

For those interested to apply, submission of documentary requirements is accepted until December 2, 2022. Click on the E-Application System to REGISTER:


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