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Gov. Tubban promotes renewable energy projects to address climate change

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Discussing means to address climate change, Governor Ferdinand Tubban of Kalinga highlighted the benefits of renewable energy projects during the Community-Based Renewable Energy System Summit held on February 23 at Las Vegas Hotel and Restaurant, saying these contributed much to improving the lives of the residents.

In his message, Tubban cited studies proving impacts of renewable energy projects, including increased economic resources, environmental protection, improved health and wellbeing, and better socio-cultural and political activities.

Excerpt from Tubban’s Message

“Climate change is a serious matter and everyone must be aware of each one’s roles and responsibilities in addressing this concern. It has such serious impact in the Philippines such as discrepancy and severity of natural disasters, extreme heat, heavy rainfall, drought, rising sea levels, health and environmental degradation that may imperil hundreds of millions of people not just within our lifetime, but it may persist in the next generations to come.

All of these impacts together have greatly affected the Philippines’ agriculture, water, infrastructure, human health, and coastal ecosystems. And they are projected to continue having devastating damages to the economy and society of the Philippines.

The Province of Kalinga is not far from this danger. Recent studies found out frequent and intense occurrences of climate triggered natural calamities, affected Cordillera farmers and the nearby lowland provinces.

Climate change likewise escalated the uncertainty in the regions’ agricultural production as the increased occurrence intensity and length of rainfall events which consequently increase erosion rates, trigger landslides, and make certain crops acceptable to deceases have impacted crop production in the region, particularly during the crop’s critical growth stages.

Mitigations are among the key approaches to address climate change and one of the silent weapons that can mitigate its effects is the efficient and effective utilization of natural resources as a source of renewable energy.

This energy community based renewable summit is designed to promote, gather participation in renewable energy projects, and to make the benefits of renewable energy generation more accessible to greater number of communities.”

Tubban expressed gratitude to SIBAT

In the same message, Tubban likewise thanked Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya (SIBAT) for joining the provincial government in carrying out the summit to help the constituents come up with concrete plans to address issues and concerns.

“I am with you in your advocacy of both caring for our ecosystem and sprouting new venture for rural development… for a safer and for a brighter tomorrow,” underscored the governor.


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