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Kalinga Prov. Legal Office to probe administrative aspect of ‘Wadi Wayet Bacud’ case

Tabuk City, Kalinga – The Kalinga Provincial Legal Office will be conducting their own investigation on the administrative aspect of the ‘Eldridge Wadi Wayet Bacud’ case to look into liabilities of the personnel involved during his treatment at the Kalinga Provincial Hospital.

Wadi is the 19-year-old road accident victim who passed away five hours after he was rushed to the hospital.

It was claimed by relatives who were with him then that actions of some KPH personnel contributed to the burden of the family and delays could have added to the eventual death of the victim.

His case was brought before the Committee on Human Rights, Public Order and Security and the Committee on Health and Sanitation of the Kalinga Sagguniang Panlalawigan on October 13 by his uncle, Attorney Johnny Wayet.

Wayet raised several concerns on how his nephew was treated at the hospital. These issues were answered by the hospital personnel, assuring the family of an investigation at their level. KPH likewise said they will be calling concerned hospital staff who attended to Wadi.

While the procedural aspect was answered by the KPH personnel, Kalinga Assistant Provincial Legal Officer Alex Priel Balnao asked the permission of Wayet if they could treat his letter as initiatory pleading.

“We really want to dwell on the administrative part of it. Perhaps they already answered the queries on the procedural aspect but there is a need for us to act accordingly for it to be addressed,” he said.

He added that the Provincial Legal Office will make the move to write a letter on the establishment of an investigation committee that will look into the case.

“So, with the permission of attorney Wayet, the Provincial Legal Office will take the initiative to write a letter as to the formation of a special investigation committee that will particularly discuss the issue raised in this letter,” he said.


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