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Mother asks help for 5-year-old son's surgery

Jennifer Tebag Uday from Balbalan is asking for any help to have her son operated on after five years of suffering from imperforate anus- a birth defect where an infant is born with a missing or blocked opening to the anus. Studies show that one to seven babies in every 5,000 births suffer from this condition.

Jennifer said they could not afford the fees for the surgery.

Last week, on December 1, the condition of her son got worse when the opening in his abdomen as the passage of his stool got infected.

The infection is forcing his intestines out through the abdominal opening.

“Ma’am, narigat, ma’am. Maas-asyan nak ditoy anak ko, maas-asyan nak ta haan mi mapapa-opera,” Jennifer said emotionally.

Her son’s condition

Jennifer disclosed that his 5-year-old son Tristan has down syndrome. He was supposed to have his surgery when he was 2 years old to correct the defect in his anus, however, due to financial constraints, they were unable to bring him to the hospital.

“Haan kamin nagsubsubli [doctor] ma’am ta awan pagalaan iti kwarta,” she admitted.

Jennifer said they cannot afford the fees for the procedure since she and her husband are only surviving through labor work at the rice field where they earn P250 a day. The amount, she said, is only enough for their daily expenses.

“Farmers kami lang nga agasawa. Apan kami makitrabaho ti talon ti karruba mi. Nu awan ti agpatalon ket awan pagalaan mi ngem adda dagiay met trabaho ket ayaban da ni lakay ko. Adda met dagiay part time nga agpatrabaho ti papanan mi,” she said.

Tristan now at the hospital awaiting surgery

Jennifer said on December 1, her kid had a fever and rashes. The condition became complicated when his intestine started to surface, prompting them to rush him to Kalinga Provincial Hospital.

As of this writing, Tristan is still confined to the KPH.

“Idi nagkasta suna haan pulos mangan uray sida madi na ma’am pati innapuy, gatas lang iti in-inumen na,” she recalled.

With his current condition, Tristan’s long due surgery has to push through.

For donation:

To help Tristan, you can send any amount to Shiela Tebag Bucalen’s Metro Bank Account; 960-3-7925-81090 or through this GCash account; 09273466145.

You may also contact Jennifer at 09052561559.

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