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No tourism activity in Lubuagan until 70% vaccination target reached

Lubuagan, Kalinga – The Municipality of Lubuagan will remain closed to tourists while the local government is still trying to attain the 70% vaccination rate of its populace.

This move is to ensure the safety of the people of Lubuagan as well as the travelers.

According to the data of the Lubuagan Rural Health Unit, around 4,466 individuals are already fully vaccinated in the municipality as of March 15. This is 61.01% of the target population.

Lubuagan Tourism Officer, Ansherina Odiem-Mosing informed that although Lubuagan is currently Covid-19 free, they still have to wait until 70% of its target population receive their Covid-19 jab before they fully open different tourism sites in the locality.

“Kailangan latta nga ag-precaution, isu nga ag-stick kami latta idiay initial announcement of our LCE a nu 70% vaccinated na ang population, saka tayo magfu-fully open. Isu a maysa kami kadagidiay munisipyo a close pa rin ang tourism,” she explained.

In an interview, Mayor Charisma Ann Dickpus explained that they are trying to avoid the possibility of Covid-19 surge in Lubuagan when people start to flock to the municipality.

At the same time, Dickpus added that the establishment owners in Lubuagan are not yet ready to accept tourists.

“Dagita ngay mismo ngamin a makinbagi ken dagita nga establishments ket haan da a ready. Haan tayo met isuda a mapilit nga ag-open. Isuda iti umuna ketdi nga ikon-konsulta mi,” she explained, adding that on the part of the government, they are willing to open, but they have yet to get the approval of the people.

Dickpus, likewise, appealed to those who haven’t received their Covid-19 dose to get vaccinated and to be more discerning about the things they hear and read concerning the side effects of the vaccine.

“Haan da kuma pumatpati kadagita a fake news a madamdamag da iti bakuna. Isu nga iti ar-aramiden mi, agbalay-balay kami a mangi-explain,” she said.

“Datayo kuma met a kailyan, sapay kuma ah ta maawatan da a pagsayaatan daytoy a vaccination, haan a pagdaksan da. Tapnu kuma met ag-open iti tourism tayo, tattao met iti ag-benefit ditoy,” the mayor further said, stressing that what the government does is for the betterment of the people.

This picturesque town is known for its traditional weaving and bead-making industry, as well as the Awichon Village, which features a traditional village set above a mountain overlooking villages of both the municipalities of Pasil and Lubuagan.



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