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‘Signature campaign, 'best strategy' to attain autonomy’-Cong. Mangaoang

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – In his talk during the launching of the signature campaign for Autonomous Region of Cordillera (ARC) held Monday, October 17, 2022, at the Kalinga State University, Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang opined that the campaign “is the best strategy” for the speedy approval of the measure.

It can be recalled that the two organic acts enacted in January 1990 and March 1998 for an autonomous region were both rejected by the majority of the Cordillerans, with only Ifugao favoring the first referendum and only Apayao for the second.

Mangaoang along with the other Cordilleran leaders refiled before the 19th Congress House Bill 3267, seeking the same purpose.

The refiled bill, according to the Kalinga Representative, was approved on the first reading in September and was referred to the Committee on Local Government.

“Saan pay unay nga napansin gapu ti gagar ti Lower house nga mangipasa ti national budget ket naipasa mi idi September 30 idiay Lower House. Nu agsubli kamin tu nu November 7, dayta ti kayat tayo nga i-push through nga bill,” said Mangaoang.

Why push for the autonomy?

Leaders of the region believe that it is through Cordillera’s progress and growth as an autonomous political entity that the Cordillerans can tap its potentials and contribute to national success.

The collective aspiration of the Cordillerans for genuine autonomy, they said, is rooted in the right to self-determination of the people fueled by a long history of struggle for the recognition of their rights.

“With a clearer understanding of autonomy, its implications and effects on the lives of our people and on the future of Cordillera, the time is ripe for us to once again present to the Cordillerans the opportunity to realize this deeply ingrained desire,” they stressed in the bill’s explanatory note.

“Makita tayo nga napaspaspas ti panangipasa na datoy”

Mangaoang expressed that this time, their attempt for self-rule will progress rapidly as the measure gained support from the entire Regions 1 and 2. Some leaders in Visayas and Mindanao also signed the bill, indicating their support.

However, the solon underscored the need for Cordillerans to display their unity in said quest by signing in the signature campaign.

“Nu maurnung ti signature campaign by the end of the month, maipan tu idiay national. Ipakita tayo nga united amin nga tattao, han lang nga lider, nu di ket am-amamin nga tattao ti Cordillera, ti daytoy quest tayo for Autonomous region,” called Mangaoang.

The campaign, he added, shall add drive to the measure and may convince President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to sign the HB as a priority bill that will be significant for its immediate approval.


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