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Tanudan tells farmers to register for RSBSA and not wait for the deadline

Tanudan, Kalinga – The Agriculture Office of Tanudan LGU is encouraging farmers in the municipality to enroll in the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture(RSBSA) to avoid problems of not being able to avail of some aid from the government.

Being registered in the RSBSA, an electronic compilation of basic information of farmers, farmworkers, fishers, and other target agriculture-related beneficiaries of the Department of Agriculture, shall provide farmers access to programs and grants which could aid them in their work and production.

Once enrolled, farmers will be the priority for the interventions and programs of the Department of Agriculture, such as the free bin-i for rice and corn, fertilizers, and many other benefits.

The enrollment is being done at the Office of the Tanudan Municipal Agricultural Services under Municipal Agriculturist Clarita Dinulong.

Tanudan Agriculturist II Salvador Balicao said farmers should not wait to register until right before the cut-off as this would cause an influx of enrollees to the agriculture office.

“Kunami kanyada ket i-fast track tayo daytoy ta amangan nu adda manen iti go signal iti region nga ma-cut off ket kaasi iman dagiay haan nga naka-enrol. Isunga nu maminsan isakripisyo dagiay daduma nga agtrabaho [iti Municipal Agricultural Services] nga mapan kadagiay bar-barangay nu adda kabalinan,” he said.

Balicao said that the enrollment for RSBSA is a one-time thing, which is why farmers who are already enrolled do not need to sign up again.

To be able to register, one must be at least 18 years old, submit requirements such as 2x2 ID picture, valid government ID, and accomplished enrollment form.

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