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  • Writer's picture Mark Moises Calayan

67-yr.-old construction crew slain by drinking buddy in Santiago City, Isabela

Santiago City, Isabela - A drinking session between two construction workers in Santiago City, Isabela ended in a gruesome killing.


The incident transpired on Friday, May 10, in Barangay Sagana, Santiago City, resulting in the death of a 67-year-old man.


A report from Santiago Police Station obtained by local media disclosed that the victim, whose name is withheld, had a drinking spree with his fellow construction worker that day.

As relayed by a witness who informed them about the incident, the victim was hit in the head by his drinking buddy when they were already intoxicated.


A hard object is suspected to be the weapon used by the accused.


Due to the attack, the victim sustained severe head injuries and was rushed to a hospital by the rescue team, but he was not able to survive.


Meanwhile, the 30-year-old suspect fled from the crime scene but was later caught by police through a hot pursuit operation.


He is now in the custody of Santiago City Police Office Custodial Facility and will be facing a homicide case.