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BSU assures criminology program in main campus will continue

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Despite the ongoing challenges, Benguet State University reassured that the Bachelor of Science in Criminology program in its main campus in La Trinidad will continue its operation.


On January 27, the Commission on Higher Education – Cordillera sent a letter to the university, asking them to stop the enrollment for the course at the main campus as the Board of Regents (BOR) has yet to release a resolution approving the extension classes. Until then, the course can only be offered at the university’s Buguias Campus.


In an earlier statement by the Education Supervisor II of CHED – Cordillera, Patricio Dinamling, the absence of said approval poses difficulties for students as their confirmation relies upon the resolution or approval.


Since the main campus has been offering the course for the past two years, they should have obtained the necessary approval, added the commission.


BSU President Felipe Salaing Comila, in his interview with local media, stated that despite setbacks, many students still enrolled in criminology, inspiring the university officials to uphold the program.


Comila assured that efforts are on the way to ensure the course continuation.


According to the Dean of the College of Criminal Justice Education, Virgilio Ablaza, some 333 students are currently enrolled in criminology across the university’s main campus, Buguias, and Kapangan campuses.