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Plans proposed to enhance Kalinga's welcome arches for grand entrance

Tabuk City, Kalinga – When exploring new destinations, welcome arches serve as guardians of hospitality, being the first ones to give warm welcome to domestic and even foreign visitors.


In Kalinga, welcome arches are noticeably dilapidating thus, in a Kapehan body meeting held Tuesday, May 7, the provincial tourism officer of Kalinga, Lorraine Ngao-i suggested its upgrade.


Two of the major welcome signs in the province are located within the boundaries of Kalinga and Cagayan and another at the Kalinga-Isabela boundary.


According to Ngao-i, said structures are supposed to be iconic, serving as representation of the rich culture and history of the province.


She added that these structures are also the most prominent landmarks that do not go unnoticed by visiting individuals.


In support of the tourism officer’s proposal, Danzel Langkit, one of the members of the legislative body of Kalinga pointed out that these arches also serve as demarcation line on the boundary of the province with other nearby provinces.


In the repair of said arches, Flordeliza Moldero recommended that their architectural design incorporate the culture of the yKalingas.


These include the image of a man playing a gong and a woman carrying a pot, in connection with the latest feat of the province getting the Guinness World Records for the largest gong ensemble and the largest Banga dance.


Considering said suggestion, the proposal was put on record to be forwarded to concerned offices.


Meantime, Governor James Edduba relayed a funding for the upgrade of the welcome arch within the Kalinga-Isabela was already allotted this year through the Department of Public Works and Highways.


For the arch within Cagayan-Kalinga boundary, Gov. Edduba committed to sourcing out funds for its repair.