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23-yr.-old Baguio taxi driver faces sexual assault charges

Baguio City, Philippines – A 23-year-old taxi driver in Baguio City will be answering a rape case after sexual assault allegations from his teen passenger.


The incident, which was said to have transpired recently, happened when the 19-year-old victim and her boyfriend boarded the cab to Irisan.

It was noted in a report by local media that the victim and her beau were drunk.


When the two reached their destination, the boyfriend allegedly left the victim inside the cab to get someone who would help him carry her.


That was when the 23-year-old suspect allegedly molested the 19-year-old.


With this, the cab driver was charged with rape through sexual assault.


It could be recalled that just this first week of May, a taxi driver in the city was also arrested by the police after he was accused of driving his minor passenger to a lodge for inappropriate favors. He was charged with forcible abduction.


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