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Baguio City surpasses 70% herd immunity, in search of less than 6,000 still unvaccinated

Baguio City, Philippines – The city of Baguio is only two percent away to reach 100% immunity among its adult population. Less than 6,000 unregistered and unvaccinated individuals are being searched to have their first dose of the vaccine.

The city health office data on December 2 revealed that 275,099 or 97.9% eligible population of the city’s 281,000 residents had their first dose. From this number, 236,138 or 84.03% are fully vaccinated. At least 45,000 need to have their second dose.

The city, meanwhile, logged 64% in the pediatric group. Of the 42,811 eligible pediatric population of the city, 27,431 had their first dose and 14,125 had their second dose. A projection shows that full vaccination of adolescents may be up to mid-January 2022.

The city also logged around 7,537 who are done with their booster shots, most of them are immune-compromised individuals.

The number is expected to increase as national health authorities just announced booster jab among adults who received their second dose.

City Health Services Office head Dr. Rowena Galpo, as reported by Baguio City Public Information Office, said that the city has already surpassed the 70% herd immunity target set by the Department of Health (DOH).

The city government urged those who are not yet vaccinated to get their jab for the city’s faster and full recovery from the pandemic.

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