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Tragic loss: mother mourns after toddler suddenly went missing, found dead in irrigation canal in Tayum, Abra

Abra, Philippines – Ten minutes. That’s all it took for a mother in Tayum, Abra to forever lose her baby boy.


Upon waking up on an ordinary morning of March 17, Rose Marie Argallon and her toddler went out of their house in Barangay Gaddani. She felt nauseous and dizzy due to her pregnancy, so she sat down and threw up.


Meanwhile, her 1-year-old kid named Prince Wayne German was playing and running around their house, as he had been doing before.

After around 10 minutes, Rose stood up and searched for her child, but he was nowhere to be found.


She called the attention of their neighbors, and someone told her that her child might have been taken by those inside the white van that briefly stopped to ask for directions.


Worried that the narration might be true, Rose asked for assistance from the authorities.


The police and barangay officials immediately responded to the incident.


It was after a few hours that the local officials considered all possibilities and decided to drain the water in the irrigation near the victim’s house so they could confirm if he had fallen into it.


In the evening of the same day, the officials found the missing toddler but was already lifeless.


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