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Mayor Gumilab vows continuous support to Lin-awa Rehab and Dev’t Center

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Mayor Sacrament Gumilab vowed to continue supporting the Lin-awa Rehabilitation and Development Center, increasing its monetary assistance for the institution.

This was mentioned in his talk during the center's 25th Founding anniversary on Wednesday, June 22.

The center is a non-government institution serving as refuge, providing support to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Tabuk City and nearby areas in Kalinga.

According to the mayor, the local government unit of Tinglayan has been alloting more or less P50,000 to the rehab center annually. Gumilab is planning to increase it to P200,000 next year.

“Nakitak ti kasasaad da idi napan nak ket mariknak nga kailangan da iti tulong manipud kadatayo nga LGUs,” he said.

Gumilab said the institution’s role is important. A group of nuns are helping in managing the institution, so what the LGU can do is to give support such as the financial assistance.

Providing the needed support will enable the organization to help more PWDs who, the mayor stressed, are also the LGU’s ‘constituents’.

With the charity works being pursued by the organization, Gumilab lauded its organizers during his speech and also praised those who have worked for the establishment of the center.

“Permi ti anus yu nga nangaramid ta dakkel nga tulong daytuy nga ar-aramiden yu ket uray ti parents maragsakan da ta adda refuge area nga pangiyap apanan da kadagit PWDs nga annak da ket medyo malakaan da iti panangisakad da iti pamilya da,” he told them.

He then encouraged the center to continue on what they are doing as the local government units are also willing to provide them the needed support.

“Pati dagituy philanthropist nga tattao tumulong da ta daytuy ket maysa kadagiti venue nga mangipakitaan tayo iti makuna nga generosity,” he continued.

The mayor shared they have made an ordinance aimed of providing monthly allowance to PWDs in Tinglayan, and he wanted to extend said program through providing funds for the Lin-awa Rehab and Development Center.

The municipality provides P4,000 annual assistance to PWDs in Tinglayan for self-sustenance.


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