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63-year-old mentally ill man beheads 64-year-old relative

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

La Union, Philippines – A 64-year-old man from Pagdalagan, San Fernando City was found lifeless and sitting on a chair without his head on the morning of January 21, a police report stated.

The report revealed that the beheaded body of the victim, Beinvenido Bautista Jr. y Marzo, single and resident of the said place, was found by his 36-year-old nephew at the lobby of his house around 10:45 am of the said date.

The nephew described that his uncle was sitting on a plastic chair with his detached head on the ground.

Upon seeing the beheaded body of the victim, the nephew heard his father, Eduardo Marzo, who is the suspect, calling him with an imminent threat. As his father was already holding a bolo, the witness immediately called his live-in partner and they ran away from the house.

The witness reported the incident at the Pagdalagan Police Community Precinct, which resulted in the arrest of the suspect and the recovery of the bolo believed to have been used in the crime and a t-shirt splattered with blood from his possession.

The pieces of evidence shall be subjected to DNA examination.

Meantime, as disclosed by his son, Marzo is also the suspect in hacking and killing their neighbor sometime in 1999. He was imprisoned and was released for probation in 2008.

The suspect is believed to be suffering from mental illness.

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