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College school in Tabuk City lost P.7M tuition fee collections to burglars

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Burglars do not just target houses and establishments, but schools too.


This was evident in the latest case of robbery that transpired in Tabuk City particularly at the Saint Louis College of Bulanao (SLCB) in Purok 6, Bulanao on April 6.


According to the initial investigation of the Tabuk City police, the accounting office of the said school collected at least P700,000 cash from students’ tuition fee payments from April 3 – 5. This amount was secured in one of the drawers in the afternoon of April 5.


However, when the staff reported back to work the following morning, April 6, the money was no longer at her drawer.


The police believed that the culprit may have gained entry at the attic window of the office to get the money.


The Kalinga Provincial Forensics Unit processed the crime scene and lifted latent prints for fingerprint examination. Follow up investigation is in progress for the identification of the suspect.