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Besao teen returns P30,000 cash, sets example of integrity

Mt. Province, Philippines - A Grade 12 student at Besao National High School, found himself in a situation that would test his moral compass on January 4, 2024.

While walking home from school at around 5:00 PM with his friend, Doro Beyden Jr. stumbled upon a substantial sum of money lying on the grassy portion of Tinagapan ground.

Rather than being swayed by temptation, Beyden and his companion immediately took it upon themselves to do the right thing.

They promptly headed to the police office and turned over the discovered cash amounting to P30,000.

The rightful owner claimed his money the following morning.

The Besao, Mt. Province Police Office acknowledged Beyden’s honesty.

In a statement, they extended their appreciation not only to him but also to the teachers and parents who have played a significant role in instilling commendable values in the young student.

“You have spelled out the true meaning of honesty and integrity, and we hope that other students will follow this example in the future. Your good deed was worthy of praise and emulation,” added the office.

Beyden’s actions not only reflect his personal integrity but also serve as an inspiring example for his peers. In a time where ethical decisions are crucial, his unwavering commitment to honesty shines as a beacon of hope, illustrating that principled conduct is still a cornerstone of our society.

This story serves as a reminder that moral goodness prevails, and it starts with simple yet profound acts of honesty and responsibility.