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BM Tarnate praises health workers' sacrifices during Resbakuna Kids in Kalinga

Tabuk City, Kalinga - Board Member Lester Lee Tarnate on Saturday, February 19, 2021, conveyed his congratulatory message to all members and workers of the health sector for their sacrifices to help the people cope with the coronavirus pandemic during the Resbakuna Kids program of the Kalinga PLGU.

“Kadagiti adda iti benneg iti health, congratulations kadakayo, iti panagsak-sakripisyo yo, a lumab-laban (ken) mangilab-laban ti daytoy a problema iti sangka-lubungan, iti daytoy a pandemya,” Tarnate emphasized while speaking before parents and their kids during the launching of the vaccination rollout for the 5 to 11 age group, held at the Capitol Park on the said day.

Tarnate added that since the pandemic first hit in 2020, health workers and those at the frontline have greatly contributed to controlling the further spread of the COVID-19.

Touched by their sacrifices, Tarnate praised and showed them support by personally attending the Resbakuna program, saying, “Immayak a kabsat yo, gayyem yo a kas mangipakita met iti panang-support iti daytoy a programa.”

He also mentioned in his talk his appreciation to all the children and their parents who were present at the launching and has likewise encouraged the unvaccinated, no matter the age, to avail of the vaccine.

“Let’s pray a sapay kuma ta dagidiay parents wenno nagannak iti sumarsaruno kas dagitoy nga edad, ket sapay kuma ta awan ti panag-duduwa dan to ti sumarsaruno nga aldaw a mangyeg kadagiti annak da met nga agpa-bakuna,” he said.

“Ken kasta met dagidiay haan pay a nagpa-bakuna a dagidiay parehas a lallakay, adu pay lang dagiti haan pay a nagpa-vaccine. So idawdawat nga agtitinnulong tayo kuma amin a mang-convince kadagiti amin a kailyan a sapay kuma ta agpa-vaccine tayu amin,” the board member said.

Earlier, when Kalinga has gradually opened its tourism activity upon the imposition of lower alert levels that allows it, Board member Tarnate, who is also the Committee Chairman on Tourism, Agriculture and Cooperative through an announcement at Station 01 Radio has been encouraging citizens to uphold government programs and health protocols, to recover from the impact of the pandemic and help the province restore its economic losses.

“Supportaran tayo iti panang-recover ti tourism industry tayo babaen iti panang-tungpal kadagiti pagallagadan laban iti CoViD. Intayo met papigsaen iti Agrikultura ken Kooperatiba tapno maymaysa tayo a magna agturong iti dalan ti progreso ken panag-dur-as,” he stated.



Kalinga rolls out vax for 5-11 age group

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