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  • Maynard J. Carbonel

Why campus journalism?

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Freedom of expression is one of the most important rights enshrined in our constitution, and it is an avenue for check and balance. Campus journalism is one of the avenues in providing voice to learners and means for them to express their thoughts and opinions about matters that concern them.

RA 7079, or the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 on July 5, 1991, provides for developing and promoting campus journalism and other purposes supports the development and promotion of student journalism, the rights of the youth, and the preservation of the integrity of student publications. This law aims to "promote the development and growth of campus journalism to strengthen ethical values, encourage critical and creative thinking, and develop moral character and personal discipline of the Filipino youth."

Campus journalism is not only an activity by an educational institution in collecting, writing, and editing news stories about the school for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio and published within the institution only, but also a vehicle to advance liberalism and freedom of speech.

Campus Journalism is relevant for both learners and the school community.

For students, it is important because it trains aspiring writers on how to write a good campus paper. It also helps them express their opinions and views on school issues.

Student journalists are also taught to practice fairness, balance (as a student and a writer), and truthfulness for they must create articles based on true stories.

It is important that readers of campus journalism become aware of things that are happening in their school. It is also important for schools because students' suggestions can provide a different vantage point through which development maybe ushered.

Achievements of the school and students can also be featured in a campus paper that makes them known to the community and other schools. Thus, campus journalism serves as a documentation of the must-be-remembered school activities. It also stimulates parents' cooperation with the school since they become more aware of it and their children's activities.

From a coach or mentor's perspective, joining press conferences and campus journalism allows students to hone and practice their journalistic skills, and be the voice of change by getting readers to think about insistent and relevant issues that they probably wouldn't have read or known elsewhere.

I hope that teachers, parents, students and others support campus journalism and those that are working to instill in the minds of the youth the importance of freedom of expression and ethically participating in public discourse, especially on issues that shape the future of the younger generation.



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