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Nurse board exam top 10 from UC attributes success to OFW mom

Earhaisha Dela Cruz Soriano might have started soaring, but it was the wind beneath her wings that brought her where she is now. 


Soriano, a graduate of the University of the Cordilleras was recently named top 10 in the May 2024 Philippine Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) after getting a 90% average rating.


This feat, Soriano told Guru Press Cordillera, would not have been realized if it were not for her Overseas Filipino Worker mom’s hard work and sacrifices.


According to her, her mom had to leave her and her younger sibling to work overseas 13 years ago to be able to provide for their needs. She added that her mother had been carrying the responsibility of raising them all by herself.

Fueled by her mother’s love for them, Soriano, 22, finished her degree in Nursing in September 2023 and beat every challenge that has been thrown her way to get her license and to get her name on the list of top performing board examinees.


 “Gusto po namin siya makauwi na para makasama po namin siya. She was always there po to support me through challenges and setbacks. I think the time has come po na mag-give back ako,” Soriano conveyed.


Pressure before the board exam


Soriano admitted she felt pressured before the May 2024 NLE because most of her batchmates were already registered nurses since they were able to take the board exam earlier than her. She was not able to file for the November 2023 NLE due to some problems with her documents that she needed to sort out.


But her will to get her license and to help her mother prevailed. So, instead of being consumed by the pressure, she used her longer months to prepare for the board exam as her leverage to ace the test.


What makes a topnotcher


Soriano emphasized that students have different learning styles, and one has to be aware of what suits him or her best when preparing for the licensure examination.


She shared that for her, her review included mastering the basic concepts and making around 12,000 flashcards. The topnotcher also stressed the importance of taking breaks for naps and meals in between study hours.


While there are many learning styles that can be followed, the secret to success in the board exams, as per Soriano, is consistency, discipline, and focus.


“Time is never on your side pag nagre-review,” she conveyed, pointing the importance of planning ahead which topics to cover on a specific day to avoid wasting time on deciding which concept to review first.


The topnotcher is leaving this advice to the next NLE takers: “The moment you wake up, start with a prayer. And do not be so hard on yourself. Not everyone gets it on first try so give yourself some time.”


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