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14-yr.-old boy in Ramon, Isabela left by friends to swim alone, drowns

Updated: Mar 14

Ramon, Isabela – A 14-year-old boy apparently drowned while swimming alone in an irrigation canal in San Antonio, Ramon Isabela on Monday, March 11.

His body was found floating Tuesday, March 12, just some meters away from the spot where he decided to swim.

Police were told that the victim along with his classmates decided to go swimming at around 11 a.m. on Monday in the irrigation canal.

However, when they arrived at the area, his classmates lost interest in swimming leaving him alone at the irrigation canal where he decided to bathe solo.

It was then, authorities said, that the tragedy transpired. Police said the teen might not know how to swim, resulting in the accident.

In the afternoon, he was searched by his parents after he was unable to get home but failed to find him.

It was early morning when the body of their child identified as Mark Lester Gregorio, a grade six pupil was spotted.

Accordingly, the irrigation canal where he decided to swim and where his body was found is far from households, so it was not immediately noticed in the area.

With what happened to the child, police now call on parents and school personnel to monitor their children, so such incidents do not happen again.